Welcome to the HHTool website!

This is a very helpful tool that will let you get some "control" over your units/villages on TribalWars online game. This tool is FOR FREE to all the community and is just Undetectable so you do not have anything to be worried about. This tool have several modules which are listed below..

  • NEW "AUTO-CAPTCHA" module
    HitHimTool now tries to resolve the captcha for you. Friendly emails are sent to your mailbox with details about resolved/non-resolved captchas.
  • NEW "Statistics" module
    With this module you can monitor several players and know how they grows up. You also can just do your math by looking at your enemies and see if they goes inactive!
  • "IM Channel"
    If you got stuck with something and/or you wanna ask something real quick to any other HitHimTool user...you can now do that with the new IM client this tool includes.
  • "CAPTCHA alerter" module
    This module is the one that will be monitoring any BotDetectors from tribalWars servers and it's going to notifiy you.. how? Well you will get a message on top of your application with an Alarm-Sound (so get your speakers ON) and also an email notification is going to be sent to your inbox letting you know about this.
    NOTE: this is not an automated Captcha answers-resolver, but a notifier! So keep in touch and wait for an automated version of this module on future versions ;-)
  • "World-map" module (it's like an enhanced premium-user map)
    This module is what makes you feel exactly like a premium user, and even more having in mind this is going to be extended and several more routines are going to be added in the near future to this amazing module. The map is just a premium-user map with a bunch of functionalities like groups-creation, mini-map, etc.
  • "Attacks Alerter" module (it's going to keep you always posted even if you are sleeping)
    1. Alerts within the main window letting you know that attacks/supports are coming and how many of them.
    2. A complete report of the attacks/supports that are coming listed in arrival-order within a list.
    3. Each attack order will give you information like the attacker village, the arrival time and "The Troops" that are coming with that attack. Yeah, that means HitHimTool will deduce/calculate everything for you so you just need to see what units are and take your decisions.
    4. The above is awesome, but what if you are not in home/office but you got an smart phone with your email synced on it? Well if that's the case, HitHimTool is going to send you an email everytime a new attack is detected.. that email gives you a complete report about the attacks/supports coming and this way you will have time to get back and move your troops.
    5. And as a final PLUS, everytime you got attacks coming and you need to make some strategies...what is the more important tool? THE MAP!! well the HitHimTool map is going to show you an "attack icon" on every single village that is being attacked.
  • "Buildings Upgrader" module (this lets you get everything queued regarding buildings upgrades)
    This module is just amazing...get queued as much buildings as you want per village, and HHTool is going to be performing every upgrade action for you even if you are not at home. Before going to bed, make sure HHT is setup to upgrade your buildings! TribalWars premium users may envy you due to this, since your upgrade-buildings queue is just unlimited for any village you owns.
  • "Units Recruiter" module(this lets you get everything queued regarding units recruitments)
    This module lets you get as much unit's recruitments per village as you want. HHTool will be working for you all the time and it will wait for resources if needed. All the hard work for HHTool, you do not need premium anymore with this.
  • "Farmer" module (you will be able to get bigger and better than the others more quickly)
    HHTool has a One-Click module that will farm for you avoinding the manual work.
  • "Coins Creator" module (you can now create gold-coins as fast as you click one button)
    HHTool has a One-Click routine to create coins. If you haven't a "Premium Account" you may know what I'm talking about. But if you have one, this will be faster anyway.
  • "Strikes Launcher" module (this is the best module for hitters. You are going to be able to setup a bunch of attacks to be auto-executed)
    HHTool will let you setup your attacks, and more than that it will send the Strike-Orders (attacks) for you so you do not need to be online to do that anymore.
  • "Villages Re-Namer" module (it lets you re-name your villages very quickly)
    Sometimes due to strategies matters, you need to rename your villages quickly before start attacking your enemies...well this module is what you need, go ahead and in a simple one click rename all your villages with the same name or something like that. Or you can also rename one by one (faster than a premium account) to any desired name!
Auto-Send resources from/to your villages, a "more detailed" attack email's notifications and lot of others wonderfull routines are going to be available on future versions of this product... So just keep in touch ;-)


1.- This app is not detectable by TribalWars servers. So do not be affraid! ;-)
2.- The only thing you would need before start using the tool(because it will asks you for it) is that you should Get Registered (For Free and very quickly) from the above menu.
3.- You will be able to configure a "proxy server"(and proxy credentials) if you are under a corporate network. Isn't it awesome? ;-)